Company Overview


Total Maintenance

Functioning as the customer's maintenance department, GreenWood can provide the full maintenance operation of a customer's plant or facility.  All responsibilities are included for maintenance management, mechanics and technicians; technical and administrative functions; maintenance control programs and systems; stores and spares programs; utility operations, training, etc. (See "Advantages of GreenWood Contract Maintenance").

Supplemental Maintenance  

To supplement the customer's in-house maintenance and capital projects resources, GreenWood can provide a highly skilled work force and support staff. This service allows customers to maintain optimum skills and numbers of its own personnel, while using GreenWood to provide supplemental personnel during normal and peak workload periods.  

“GreenWood’s maintenance knowledge and skill sets are exceptional.  This is very important because they help minimize production disruptions to keep our operations lean.  GreenWood’s positive team attitude and focus on efficiency has a direct impact on our ability to consistently recognize cost savings.” – director of maintenance, engineering and plant-wide safety, Mitsubishi Polyester Film

Facility and Plant Services Support

In addition to skilled resources that perform both total and supplemental maintenance, GreenWood offers a complete menu of services to serve facility and plant maintenance as well as capital project needs.  These include:

Site Services Support  

A natural complement to maintenance contract work is GreenWood’s full spectrum of value-added services that support production and facility services to ensure the most cost effective operations. These services are normally sub-contacted and include: