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Safety Milestones

GreenWood has an outstanding safety record that consistently trends well below the Incidence Rate of OSHA Recordable Cases and Lost Workday Cases based on national averages of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

GreenWood has never had a fatality (over 17,000,000 work hours). We are proud to have over 38 project sites without a recordable event for 2015.

Merck & Co. Project in Elkton, VA - Capital Projects
& Supplemental Maintenance:

Dow Chemical / Bayer Project in Institute, WV - Capital Projects
& Maintenance Support :

Mitsubishi Polyester Film in Greer, SC – Capital Projects &
Supplemental Maintenance:

Safety on a GreenWood project is planned, initiated at the start of work, and enforced throughout the duration of the project.

To achieve our project safety objectives:

GreenWood works closely with its customers' own safety resources in establishing site programs, safety communication, inspections, audits, substance abuse screening and all efforts to carry out a successful site safety program.

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