Company Overview

GreenWood, Inc. Commemorates 25 Years in the Industrial Marketplace

GreenWood, Inc., is marking its 25th year in business of delivering integrated maintenance, construction and workforce solutions to manufacturers. The company serves customers throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic with an unwavering focus on project-level safety.

In 1990, Alan Green and John Wood launched GreenWood, Inc. with just a single project. Today, under the leadership of John Wood’s son, Brad, and daughter, Laura, the company employs over 700 personnel at more than 50 client sites. GreenWood’s exemplary safety record has surpassed millions of safe work hours at several noteworthy projects.

“We had four company goals that remain equally important today as they were when first created,” said John Wood, Founder of GreenWood. “First, we set safety as a top priority that would never be compromised. Second, we made customer satisfaction a daily objective. Third, we focused on delivering efficiencies that improved bottom line performance for our customers. Finally, we developed a work environment that allowed our employees to enjoy their work. It is the secret to our continued success.”

GreenWood President Brad Wood commented: “Flexibility is what sets GreenWood apart. The way our projects are structured allows us to proactively address new and changing situations at the client level swiftly and without interrupting existing culture. We couple this with a corporate priority of zero incidents, accidents or injuries.”

Laura Lipscomb, GreenWood CEO, agreed, stating: “GreenWood has earned a reputation as a solid, dependable and reliable provider that clients can count on. When we win a client contract, we expect to work with them for as long as we’re in business – certainly another 25 years.”